Welcome to Our College

The college motto " Awake Empower Liberate " expresses a belief that the lives of these young women and communities are empowered primarily through education. The college will help women teacher trainees to wake up from their slumber for reclaiming their identity as women.

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Welcome To Servite B.Ed. college


To promote and provide holistic education which includes not only imparting knowledge and skills but the person as a whole inculcating social justice, religious and moral values, dignity and empowerment of women, commitment to ecology and a culture of human solidarity and communal harmony.


Servite college of Education will strive to achieve excellence through hard work and genuine discipline to realize our core values, which are love and respect for God's creation, moral integrity and women empowerment and liberation. When women are empowered and liberated we can be sure that there will be a total transformation towards full humanization and it will be a powerful means towards social change. Liberation is not about power; it is about freedom, equality and inclusiveness. The education will lead them as enlightened, liberated and empowered women with dignity and integration.